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You can have your personal website and keep your presence online 24/7. All you need is to check your inbox and reply to messages from the website if you want, people can find you in Google because your website will be indexed by all search engines. We have flexible price policy and always want to make happy our customers. It is important for your business that it will be visable online at any time for evrybody. We pay a lot o attention to security questions so that your website to work correctly. Just fill the contact form and enjoy your new website.

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You will get original logo for your website which can be used for different tasks. If we are in web design business, you are reading this post, you absolutely could not miss the latest rage in the industry. Very soon your website will be indexed by Google and other search engins.


We will do everything to make your project successful and outstanding. You do not have to worry. You will be able immediately to watch the process of creating your website. It's nice feeling to see the progress. Just fill the contact form and ptess the button.


We can connect your website to your personal blog or forum and you can control it. It's pleasant feeling to have our own web comunity, isn't it? So many things will be available for you due to your new website. You can start enjoying it in a few days. Cheers.

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UI Design


Creating a website is a complex and interesting work which involves a combination of modern technology and use of all available tools. Each part individually is important and carries a meaning in the modern information reality - Internet. The stratification of the page allows us to make beautiful and useful pages. Special attention deserves the parallax which we use actively. It can be a very long time to enumerate the various subtleties of a creating a website. It's better for you simply to see it than to read many words discribing many details. We are sure you will enjoy it.

Modern Design

Modern web design includes not only visible web code and functionality based on knowledge of all the available platforms and devices. The mobile segment which occupies a very important place in the Internet traffic gives us possibility to be online any time and to be connected to the World. We live in fantastic time when every day people create new and new technologies and gadgets. Try to open this page on different devices and you will be surprised. Cheers.

Web Development

Ten years ago, the Internet was not developed as it is today. All this is thanks to the development of a common knowledge base and new motion vectors. Look how beautiful are pages that contain the appearance of the internal functionality at the level of modern trends. You website will work for you without stopping at any time of day or night. Without breakes for rest. You will be available for new contacts from all the Globe and it's cool! Isn't it? Good Luck!

Online Marketing

Online marketing takes a very important role in modern society making new changes in our attitudes and lifestyle. Everything is moving along the path of development and accelerate the pace of life. Having your own website, you'll have fun doing the monitoring activities and online events. It's great! Isn't it? You will be able to earn extra money by using the advertising services which are very popular in case if your wepsite is ranked good enough. Good Luck!

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We have a very funny, good team. Atmosphere is friendly and we enjoy working together creating really nice pages for our clients. For you. Every person is unique and has interesting personality. Don't hesitate, just send your question to us. A good result can be achieved with provided coherence of purposes. We are constantly working on improving our service to be the most convenient for our customers, that is for you. All the content of your web pages will be unique and Google will appreciate your new website. So you will be able to see the result in the search index among many other competitors. We provide a wide range of services for the good work of your site, and you can not doubt that the result will be at a high level. We just do our job well and are pleased with this. Your opinion is very important to us and we value our good reputation. Our team is kind and friendly with GSOH - Good Sense of Humor.


YouDo Web Design can offer you everything you need to be successful online. You website will be properlly (SEO) optimized. The section portfolio will be updated soon with our new projects. It's only part of our works and hope your project will take place in our gallery.

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YOUDO PW Web Design and Development. Graphic Logo Design for your projects. Flexible price policy. Perth. Scotland.

During his tenure, coder, I had to deal with a bunch of different layouts as the design of the newcomers (or sometimes just left people), and to the professionals. And in that time I managed to score a decent selection of the most common bugs in the layout, which is unable to avoid even the eminent experts. Just make a reservation - some organizations have internal 'requirements for design layouts ", and in theory, for non-compliance of design with these requirements, it must without question be sent back for revision, but the reality is that it is often easier to make the necessary changes, than chasing paper to -syuda on the tracker. But even in these "requirements" are mentioned, not all obviously possible "schools." I will try to bring the most popular and universal (without personal bindings). Oh, and bring all the bugs under the use of photoshop psd - well, I do it the de facto standard for web layouts. And I did not come across more models in the vector (and I must say, thank goodness).

1. Layout. The basis of the page layout, or the so-called skeleton.

a) The most famous and draws the mouth, but no less popular - width layout should always be less than the width of the display device purported to 20-24piks (correctly - at least 24piks).. Those. If we are preparing a document in 1024piks horizontal resolution, the maximum width of the layout -. 1000piks. I hope it is clear why - take into account the width of the scroll bar and window boarders. If someone believes that the slight elevation models is acceptable disregard scrollbar - it can be noted that the user can always shrink the window vertically, and ... This is probably the most time-consuming to edit the bug (if it is necessary to engage in a typesetter) - sometimes integrated graphics and / or markings simply makes it impossible to adequately do so. We have to cut out the pieces, scale, customize the rest of the content, etc. Horror, in short!

b) modular grid. Or rather not even a grid, and guides, conducted to the main unit / pictures - allow just spend time ruler between them and drive the value obtained in the css. Not critical, but very cool makes life easier. It should be noted that the models without guides are very rare. But in most cases the designer cost just a few guides to the main speakers.

c) Also known layout scourge - the so-called "fish" usually inscribed perfectly, and almost no one ever puts on extreme examples of content volume. And you have to guess, to clarify the behavior of a block overflow content or lack of it (such as the proportion of the image does not correspond to those laid down in the layout - sprinkle, if so, how to enter, and so on, or the name / surname of the user? It is longer than the "Ivan Ivanov" well, etc.)

d) «Rubber". You want to "rubber"? Be so kind as to make 2 layout for minimum and maximum resolution to coder not wondered - what kind of blocks and how to reach!

2. Typography.

a) Sets. There is a well-known list of "safe fonts." Most up to date with it. But sometimes the mold some Myriad Pro and rushed ... You start to explain that it is not included in the standard package with the OS, despite the fact that the wildly popular. In most cases, the designer goes forward and makes the replacement of furniture, but there are those who are beginning to learn ... They say, and you do not know the properties of @ font-face. Yes I am aware of something, but 1 - give me a normal print quality, so I can convert it (any font-squirell are rendering a very nasty not "typical" pins) 2 and we are someone else's copyright is not violated? In most cases, it turns out, yes - the font, the paid one. In short, a bunch of problems.

b) Font smoothing must always be switched off! And I do not have to "cure" someone of the browsers out there knows something. Well, IE can, for example - and what? It has no idea fotoshopnye "sharply", "smooth", etc. And in fact it turns out - the manager says one layout and output layout have gnarled unreadable garbage. And who is to blame?

c) Leading. Always has to be put down at least "auto" (usually it means the following "standard" value after a pin, but not exactly - you have to choose manually), but rather a specific value. Because css always takes the value of a size and leading. And you will not believe - for his career in the window leading value I've seen, probably, all the possible values ​​in principle.

d) The non-default (100%) interalphabetic / word spacing also causes the sharply tense - what is it? The remains of the "old settings"? Bliss designer? Or indeed informed the reception - it is necessary to clarify.

e) From the text effects only permissible shadow, and everything connected with it the possibility can be emulated (glow and stroke), inner shadow and the gradient is not supported by the css (and even through js - the more "fun").

3. The effects and graphics.

a) The effects of the layers is better not to reduce - as some of the effects can be realized through CSS, and this optimization.

b) In the layers and effects DO not use any layer blending mode other than Normal, because it depends on the underlying layers - and this applies even to mix the layers and paste using graphics. It is generally epic! As some slapped the overlay, and then one way out - to reduce all layers and obtravlivat element, and it should be noted, at times akin to drawing vector - especially if any glow / shadow with a large radius.

c) With the use of the mind effects - why affix labels one color, and then use the effect of "color overlay" ??? Why use external and internal shadow simultaneously? etc. Gradient - okay, negotiated separately ...

d) For the implemented graphics (icons, buttons, and other decor) - it is desirable to reduce the layers to not coder Layout rummaging in search of the necessary layers. And it is better to insert a smart object - very quickly becomes the implemented image and if necessary it is possible to make changes.

4. Others.

a) It would be nice to have finished css-sprite with all the design elements and put down the guide - but this area of ​​SF!

b) It is desirable to follow the layout of an explanatory note, which will be listed:

- Headsets used (to be able to immediately register the primary font family for the page and modify its individual units only);
- Units with the use of "opt-in" Leading and intervals;
- Color schemes - once prescribed colors for the main text blocks (all colors used makes no sense to list), color options - by default, to restore, the visited; reference color gradients used etc.

Here, perhaps, the main. As you can see not too much and not too napryazhno for the designer to take into account these factors. But the layout well, time is reduced by half for sure! I would be glad if someone will take it as a guide to action, and at least partially make their models better - and suddenly happen to work together.

YOUDO PW Web Design and Development. Graphic Logo Design for your projects. Flexible price policy. Perth. Scotland.

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